A l e t h e i a


(greek) the state of not being hidden,

a fundamental and sincere reality; truth


About Aletheia

Aletheia is a student outreach publication that strives to provide a voice for all students at Lynbrook High School. Inspired by Los Gatos High's Reality Check and Monta Vista's VerdaderaAletheia was created to facilitate communication and overcome stigmas concerning prevalent and/or taboo issues within the Lynbrook community. Each issue of the publication comprises of firsthand experiences submitted anonymously by Lynbrook students and alumni, professional articles relating to that month's theme, and resources compiled by the student staff. Finalized newsletters are published and distributed to the school. Past issues may be found on this website, under Archives

The content in Aletheia is composed by the students at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, California. Ideas and thoughts expressed within the publication are not necessarily reflected by the school administration or staff. 

To submit your story, click here. If you have questions or comments, email us at staff.lhsaletheia@gmail.com or use the form on our Contact page.




Why are there so many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in the submissions? Why don't you clean them up?
As the staff of Aletheia, one of our highest priorities is maintaining the integrity of submissions in order to preserve the authenticity of students' voices. 

Why was my submission not included?
Submissions are not included if they do not follow all guidelines. Visit the Submit page to view our complete guidelines.

Your submission must be relevant to the topic and include a personal experience. It may not comprise solely of your opinion on the topic. Do not include names or identifiable characteristics in your submission. Do not write anything that causes or advocates harm against others.

Submissions are screened by all staff members and are only removed if majority of us consider the submission not adhering to the guidelines. If you would like to know why your submission was not included in the published issue, please contact us and include your submission[or a general summary of it] and your email address.

How and why do you find professionals to write the article?
We contact local professionals who specialize in a field appropriate to the month's topic. These professionals are invited to write an article directed to students and their parents alike to help address any lingering issues and provide valuable resources. The professional attends Aletheia's read-aloud meetings in order to ensure that their article pertains to the submissions. 

What does the staff do?
The role of the Aletheia staff is to ensure that published submissions meet the guidelines, coordinate the process with a professional, maintain the website, and format the layout of the submissions. In addition, we encourage peers to submit their thoughts to Aletheia.

Does the staff know who wrote the submissions?
No, the staff does not know the identity of the submission's author unless his or her email was provided in the optional form on our Submit page. It is not possible for us to obtain the identity of a writer in any other way. All submitters have the right to remain anonymous. Provided email addresses are used only when the staff needs to contact an author regarding submission content that is either potentially revealing or does not adhere to the guidelines, but we do not store information regarding the identity of the submission's author once the issue is published. Please do not ask staff members for the identities behind each submission, as we are unauthorized to provide that information.

Can I apply to be a part of the staff?
We are not currently accepting applications.
The application process to join the staff of Aletheia will take place towards the end of each school year. All students are highly encouraged to apply once the process begins. Please stay tuned for announcements regarding applications. Read our application page for more information.

Does the staff submit as well?
The staff can submit stories as well if they choose to, but, as with all other submitters, they must remain anonymous.





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